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The secret to our success

Good people = good business.
Access Marketing is a marketing and consulting firm with facilities located in the US, SA, and EU. We are dedicated to advancing our clients sales through integrated Marketing and Consulting Services, Customer Engagement, and Business Intelligence. Our exceptional team deftly manages successful marketing programs and business solutions, from strategy and planning to research and execution. We hire experienced consultants in every field we services that are enthusiastic, aggressive, and truly passionate about their work. Good people translate into good business. We measure our success by the well-being and success of our clients sales. For us, exceeding expectations is the norm. Our team members have earned a reputation for throwing ourselves into everything they do from wholeheartedly taking on our clients missions, to ensuring your investment keep on providing returns, month after month. And because we bring genuine commitment to everything we do, every client, worker, and vender reaps the benefits.

Were on a mission:

  • To positively impact our clients business, their bottom line, and their future success via the Access Marketing services

  • To empower the growth of our clients company and our company via an environment of experience, trust, dedication, and mutually beneficial goals.

  • To exceed our client expectations through our creativity, flexibility, and enthusiasm.

  • To contribute to the Access Marketing community by sharing our resources and energy

Good data + good services = Longer term business relationships

Within the period of a single hour: 240 business will change addresses; 71 new businesses will open; 5 companies will change their name; over 8% of consumers will change move to a new address. To provide the most targeted marketing in the industry, Access Marketing updates our marketing records database over 1,420,000 times a day.

Access Marketing offers access to one of the largest databases of targeted B2B and B2C customers in the world. The Access Marketing database has over 392,481,000 U.S. business and consumers records; over 412,824,000 EU business and consumers records; and over 241,140,000 Latin America business and consumers records. Over 4,500,000 new records are received annually and process within Seven days of receipt. Over 110,000,000 contacts are made annually to verify, append, and update our marketing data.

In addition, the Access Marketing Free Mail and internet services support POP3, IMAP and SMTP protocols, as well as mobile device integration. A M C's professional virus protection is based on a leading provider's scan engine. It locates viruses, worms, and Trojans, even in compressed file formats. Access Marketing mailboxes are protected from spam with seven anti-spam modules, resulting in 98% less unwanted mail. Access Marketing is secure and reliable, protecting its users from malware and spam with a guaranteed webmail accessibility of over 99%. Access Marketing guarantees optimum performance with data centers located in US and EU . Access Marketing respects our customers' privacy and does not transfer any data to third party companies with out the consumers permission. The Access Marketing Mail, Marketing, and Leads Group offers the largest Access Marketing web services in our industry. The Group has locations in the US, EU, and SA. Our high speed data centers connect more than 10 million domains. The Group's data centers set extremely high standards worldwide with 114,000 hosted servers and a monthly transfer volume of 4,500 terabytes as well as over 5 billion emails.

Prior to 2008 the Access Marketing team only provided service to the the largest Financial firms and Brokers in the US and the EU. As of 2009, Access Marketing is now offering the industries best Marketing and Consulting Services, Customer Engagement, and Business Intelligence to all of North America, Latin America, the EU, and Asia.

If you have additional questions or would like more information on Access Marketing contact the below listed or contact us Directly:

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Targeted Local Marketing Data


We ensure you get in front of the right customers that want, need, and can afford what you are offering.




Direct Local Marketing


We use multi-channel of direct  marketing to ensure you get the attention of any customer type you are targeting regardless of what types of marketing  they respond to.


Search LocalPlacement


Our local search placement  starts the process of attaining you more exposure, new and repeat customers, and ensures you are always findable by consumers  that are actively looking for you and or your products and services online.

Extensive Local Marketing Presence


We build your company an extensive local marketing presence that is optimized to generate you customers via Smartphones, iPads, Tablets, Laptops, and Desktop. And then we get you listed on over 50 the search engines, map pages, business directories, local pages, etc.



Access Consumers is not about clicks. It is about real phone or email connections. We strive to deliver the lowest price per call and email in the industry, and we are continually improving our performance to make that happen. In the last year:

  • We drove a 75% increase in the average number of calls and emails customer receives.

  • We cut the average price of those calls and emails by more than 50%.






Access Consumers, is a division of the Access Marketing Companies. Our staff has been creating high quality and result driven marketing  for over 20  years. Our passion is to create marketing models that produce real, tangible results. Not just useless clicks or traffic.  We look forward to helping you improve the value of your business by providing you the best marketing with reasonable costs.

We know the more we help you grow your sales and cut costs  we will be your marketing provider for many years.   This goal is what has kept us moving forward and what has helped hundreds of our clients grow their business.





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* With Access you pay us when you get results. After the setup and the first three months of service, you only pay the months you are on the front page of Google. Not all Companies or Services may qualify and other restrictions may apply.